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It is now October 2013 and the joyfulness of my January update made it impossible to keep it there! ...so far, it is the only chapter that has been deleted from this 10 year online journal. If anyone had been following the yearly ups and downs you would know we have been going through a really rough time trying to finalize the edit and sound on Wombok Forest.

We now realize that the stop motion animating was the easy part .......and did not anticipate that working as a collaboration on the final edit would be where we would fall apart. We now realize we have been coming at it from two different areas. We have trouble pinpointing what it is that we are not liking and sometimes takes a long time to know what that is.

We also got involved in Robowars and building fighting robots that seemed less stressful and sort of an instant gratification of building and then battle. Nothing like the battle we always knew was waiting for us back in our studio.

We decided that after the National finals of Robowars we would get back to Wombok Forest and finish before we ever made another robot.

We fortunately were asked to do a talk at Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane for a year long project they were running called Mondomotion. We thought this would be a good opportunity to maybe show some of the film. We were starting to think there was something we needed to do to the image, so we put this effect on that we were working with and showed a 7minute piece out of the film with sound that we had been creating as well.

We were very happy with the feedback we got and it was sort of a relief to actually get a bit out there. We have just been sitting on this..... kind of pulling it two ways, but hopefully this time we have both come to some agreement on how we want it to look and sound. (and the audience we are looking at) It is a big move from what we were doing with it before but it feels right for both of us. But we just have to hope now that we can get it looking and sounding good on the rest of the 70 minutes, that will be the big challenge .

We have been slack updating both this and facebook, it seems after so long a repetitive process, but it does seem some people are still hanging on in there with us and do actually want to hear our progress.

Someone suggested we keep a weekly update both here and on facebook so this is what we are going to (try) to do from now on.

5-6th October Robowars Nationals over.


WEEK ONE (7-13 october) - Turned on 12T Pegaus raid 5 computer - 2 red lights appear, one light means quickly change the hardrive, two means lost the lot. Turn the 6T Pegasus raid 5 compute on.... two red lights appear. So we are in the prediciment of having both our working computers with all of Wombok's footage, gone. We had backed up on two seperate hardrives a couple of weeks before so we thought ok lets see if this all works. Before this we decide now would be a good time to change the pegasus with 6T t a 12 T and change from the hitachi to seagate drives because we had been having troubles for the last year. So we scrape together $1,000 and bought 8 2T seagate drives and spend the rest of the week copying over everythig from the backup drives and then hand linking all of the files back up in final cut pro x.

Exciting thing after much tinking we bought Logic Pro x to do the sound. We have been enjoying garageband despite trying all the other editing programs out there. Seems good for what we want and with a mike, guitar and Mpk mini attached it is cool fun. Looking for a Tascam 4 track recorder to make some other cool sounds.


WEEK TWO (14th - October) All set to get stuck into it .......turn on the new 12T pegasus with the seagate hardrives and a red light appears. After investigation it turns out we have bought drives that are not compatable with the Pegasus even though we thought they said they were.

Because we spent the last of any money we now have to wipe all the original 1T hitachi hardrives and just hope we can get it all copied over and can finish the film without any more problems. We are starting to get a little upset at the Pegasus system as we have been losing the odd drive for a year or so and can't see why.

















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