Set in the near future the story follows a brother and sister who create and control their daily entertainment through electronic communication and digital realities.

One day their electronically controlled world is interrupted and they find themselves in an adventure that they did not program.



Wombok Forest will be captured frame by frame using a digital stills camera. Using this readily available format will allow for a very high resolution on a very low budget. These frames will be stored on both computer harddrives as well as backed up on dvd.

It is intended the finished digital master will be transferred to a 35mm film print.


The project will be fully produced and filmed in Ipswich, Queensland, Australia.
Ipswich is a unique city known by most as the "Heritage City" and is 40 minutes drive from Brisbane, an hourís drive from the Gold Coast and 45 minutes drive from domestic and international air and sea ports. Famous for it's Friday and Saturday night's lapping.

Wombok Forest is due for completion in 2005 and will be approximately 90 minutes long.

Ok just re read this and it is now nearing the end of 2005 - updated realistic completion now 2007 and 75 minutes long!!


Wombok Forest is a self funded film and Miles and Julie wish to thank and acknowledge the following local individuals and companies who have given support for this project so far



"This project is supported by the Queensland Government, through Arts Queensland and Ipswich City Council, by funding through the Regional Arts Development Fund"

Thankyou to Swish Group, Melbourne Australia for post production technical advice, interest and support.

Huge thankyou to our newest sponsor Nikon Australia