(2001) stop frame puppet film
Duration - 5 Minutes

This film was made for Brisbane International Fast Film competition 2001. It had to be made in 40 days and have a symbol the no 10. This was our first try at animation. We had only done live action films before this but had made puppets for other animators. We wanted to do a fast film and decided to give aniamtion a try and we started this 10 days into the 40 days. We had no idea what we were doing but had a lot of fun.

Gordon is excited and preoccupied with a new discovery in his boring daily routine.
He has forgotten the carefully detailed dates that he has written under his sheets that
keep him aware of the monthly dutiful visits from “ The Shuffler”

Shot using a Sony 120e s-video output maximum res into Pinnacle dc10+ (dc10+ enabled the video out from its video out to a TV monitor.) This camera required us to take out the tape and battery and use the ac adapter for it to stay awake for long animation sessions. This was captured to a promise fastrak 66 ide raid card in raid 0 (with two 30g hardrives) for maximum data rate so the analogue to digital converter of the dc10+ was set to maximum resolution. Way less compression than dv. We shot Pal 768 x 576 lines or resolution. Several film people thought we had shot this animation on 35mm film it looked really nice mostly because we had put so much time into the lighting which were the same hallogen desk lamps we are still using today. 12v 20w. This camera is now still being used as a analogue to dv converter from our spy camera to stop motion pro the capture program we use.

Brisbane International Fast Film Competition - Brisbane, Australia
Nescafe Australasian Short Film Awards 2001- Sydney, Australia
Queensland New Filmmakers Awards 2002 - Hoyts Regent Cinema - Brisbane Australia
The Farm (2002) Artist run Gallery Space - Brisbane, Australia
Straight Out of Brisbane Festival - 2002/2003 - Brisbane, Australia

Solitary Voices - Ipswich Art Gallery - 2005/2006 - Brisbane, Australia

Winner of the 2001 Brisbane International Fast Film Competition, QLD Australia
Winning Finalist in the Nescafe Australasian Short Film Awards 2001, Australia
Highly Commended in Open Film Section Queensland New Filmmakers Awards 2002

Below are some behind the scense shots of the making of Gordon.

This was one of the hardest shots of the film. We needed a very small drop of water and to do this we had to strap (gaffa) a 50mm lens (reversed) from our Minolta stills onto the lens of the Sony camera, it worked beautifully.