(1997) live action super 8 film

Whether forced or chosen to be silenced - every moment - every sound is magnified.
The cracks become tears - the pinpricks become holes - the utterances become screams.
Unspoken words are etched on the inside clearly visible to the self.
There is no escape.
This is about a moment - in time, where there is no ending, or really no beginning, like it has always been this way.
This is about isolation, isolation from the spoken word.
This is about torment.

Filmed on Super8 Kodachrome. Telecine to BetaCam SP. Maudie was shot at a farm at Boonah and at our home in Ipswich.

Brisbane Institute of Modern Art - 1998 - Brisbane, Australia
Perth Institute of Contemporary Art - 1998 - Perth, Australia
SBS Television - 2000 - Eat Carpet
Straight Out of Brisbane Festival - 2002/2003 - Brisbane, Australia
Solitary Voices - Ipswich Art Gallery - 2005/2006 - Brisbane, Australia

Awarded Manton/Bryan Art Prize Queensland University of Technology Brisbane